Danm... riding alone again.


Out of my element
Aug 30, 2002
Deep in the Jungles of Oklahoma
My main riding partner is getting shipped off to the middle east for a year of infantry officer work. Apparently he will be leading a company somewhere doing something. He doesnt know if he will be in Iraq or Afganistanidan. The really crappy part is that he has a kid due in November. I feel really bad for his wife :(

On the upside he's letting me borrow his road bike for the time he is gone though. I guess thats cool, but I hate losing riding partners. Lost my last one to marriage and a kid. He's ridden twice this last year :rolleyes:.


SkaredShtles said:
Ummmmmm........... I'm almost afraid to ask.

But....... here goes.

What's a "lone"?
Hahaha - don't worry. A "lone" would be rough on your inner thighs with those short shorts you wear. :think:


Jan 14, 2005
Floating down the Hudson
to get back on track....

sorry you lost your riding partner. That sucks when you find someone you really jive with and they leave. Hang in there. And sometimes there's some nice peace and tranquility in riding ALONE, or you could ride with Lone (he's a cool guy ;) )


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
it sounds to me, if you lost your last ride partner to a wife n kid, this one will be lost as well once he gets home from the war. Maybe its time to go around the LBS and pout until they hook you up with someone to ride with


Out of my element
Aug 30, 2002
Deep in the Jungles of Oklahoma
Ahh its no big deal really, the riding alone part, just a little harder to get motivated... its not really hard finding someone to ride with. I can just go to the trailhead and hook up with whoever is there. Hell, thats how I met Nate/Cooter.

The guy who doesnt ride due to wife and kid, well, he is my best friend of like 15 years. The army guys is also a very good friend. It was cool because 2 of of my best buds would come out and ride hard. We have been riding together since we started riding.

Just a bummer is all. I hope he gets home alright, I think its BS that the Army can call you out when you are about to have a kid.