Danny Wins XGAMES Gold

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Specialized BMX athlete Danny Dhers won his 5th XGAMES Gold medal in BMX Park on Saturday. His bike of choice was his Specialized P.20 Pro which helped him stick multiple cork 720 no-handers in front of a stacked field. “I kept trying to add little variations on each run because I could tell it was going to take a lot to win this. I saw Scotty riding amazing, I see Sandoval killing it ... I was like, 'I don't know how many tricks I can fit in this run, but I'm going to take nothing and give everything.' It feels amazing. Seriously. I’m super happy!"</p><p>
Dhers formerly dominated X Games when the BMX Park course featured more traditional setups such as spine ramps and wooden box jumps. When the courses evolved to bigger bowls, and more spread out features, he struggled a bit to out his runs together. Fortunately, Dhers was able to prove to the world that he has what it takes to win in the bigger parks, choosing the best line at XGAMES Munich and taking home the gold medal.</p><p>
Final Results:</p><p>
1. Daniel Dhers 84.00</p><p>
2. Scotty Cranmer 82.00</p><p>
3. Daniel Sandoval 78.00</p><p>
4. Pat Casey 78.00</p><p>
5. Drew Bezanson 65.00</p><p>
6. Gary Young 64.00</p>