Decals after Powdercoat?


Feb 21, 2006
Getting my sunday powdercoated. Was planning on having new decals made for it. Do you have the pc guy clearcoat over the decals or do you just stick em on after its done getting painted

Banshee Rider

Turbo Monkey
Jul 31, 2003
Every time I've had a bike powdercoated (up to 4 bikes now?) they have all told me they cannot clearcloat over the decals because they will shift/melt.


Jun 4, 2007
The powdercoating process is done at several hundred degrees and most decals are made of thin plastic so they will likely curl up.

If you just clean the surface really well before putting them on they should stay. You could even put some wax over them I bet
Actually decals are vinyl and range from 2mil to 3.5 pending cast or calender material is used. Powder Coating is 400+ degrees for 10+ minutes depending on powder used ie dupont/3m etc... Yes the decals will move, the adhesive on the back will turn to a slippery mush. Not too mention even if you get it done the powder will not succesfully stick to the sticker causing it to pick and flake. there are methods to get it to stay (certain adhesives) and then it can be done but it will eventually fail sooner than later. I played around with it when I did anodizing, a customer was a powder coater and i did several frames and misc parts.