Deer Lick / Keller Peak in Running Springs?


Jan 14, 2005
Los Angeles
I was up in Arrowhead this weekend and was asking around about trails in the area outside of Big Bear. I was told that its almost all fireroad but there was one awesome singletrack in Running Springs up at Keller Peak. He said it was shuttled all the time so that tells me the FR community has been there and it was worth it. The Deer Lick ranger station is at the base and have heard that name before but searches only come up with the road ride (6 or 7 miles up an access road to Keller Peak). The guy told me there were flowy jumps and drops on a certain singletrack there and to ask the guys at Deer Lick where it is. Arriving at Deer Lick I found two senior volunteers with no knowledge whatsoever of any trails and offered me a brochure of Big Bear. I drove up anyway and at the top there's a lookout station with more volunteers. They told me there is a bunch of trails in the area "but I don't know any of them." No luck.

Anybody know where this singletrack might be?