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Jul 13, 2008
I'm looking to be a Specialized demo 8 but i don't know if a medium would be the right size for me, as I'm new to the sport. I'm 5'10 - 5'11 can any one help, heres there products on the bike if it help at all.

- demo 8 frame, black, 17"
- boxxer 06
- manitou 4way (demo's where designed for this shock)
- sunn mtx (front), mavic x 325 disc (rear) (26")
- hope bulbs
- full xt
- e-thirteen
- saints
- easton ea70, dmr zips
- 50:50s
- almost new maxxis minions (2 rides); slow reezy 40a (front), super tacky (rear)



Jan 25, 2010
Russia, Krasnodar city
Hi all! I've got complex question Demo 8 II 2010 size selection between S and M, my tall is 5'10.5" (179cm), before that i was ridding on Norco A-Line 2007 sized S, who has ideal wheelbase for me, it felt really good on turns, and it could be several cm's longer to be stable on air, no more. If we take a look on Specialized Demo 8'10 geometry, we could find that wheelbase values are 1175mm and 1195mm (for S and M sized frames). My old Norco has the 1147mm value (from center of rear till center front wheel axle).
Other params of geo is some specific and have some differ with that frame's, 4example more shorter chainstay and more longer top tube demo's against S-size of Norco, etc.
Is anyone changed the similiar Norco frames to Specialized. Are any ideas about size i need? Could some tell me, would Demo S frame a bit bigger than Norco S size, or should i take exactly M size?
I like a nimble ride during cornering. But not being able to sit on the of M-size, i do not know which size will be better, so i am almost completely satisfied with Norko frame with its size, but as i mentioned earlier, norko S have a slightly shorter base, than i needed.
I want to understand that if i was wrong about correct size for me, i want to hear the benefits of using it that i recieve on S-Demo, or all of the same it's M?
I'd needed to hear a reasoned opinion. Thanks in advance!
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Feb 24, 2006
Thread resurrection!

SSP, I do not have either of the bikes you mention. However, I am the same height as you and have considered picking up a Demo. I would ride a Medium. Basically, there are more important factors to consider in bike fit than the small differences in wheelbase between sizes. Moreover, the other geometry differences between different frames will have a large impact on the bike handling. Summary: Different bikes will feel different. Choose a bike size based on what fits you best, not on the wheelbase. Fit is subjective. You will have to adapt a bit to any new bike. Good luck!