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Jul 2, 2001
Karori, Poneke Te Ika-a-Maui
*sigh* No, no prize's for guessing my level of surprise.
Bush Spending U.S. Tax Dollars to Foment Unrest in Bolivia

In July 2002, a declassified message from the U.S. embassy in Bolivia to Washington included the following message: "A planned USAID political party reform project aims at implementing an existing Bolivian law that would . . . over the long run, help build moderate, pro-democracy political parties that can serve as a counterweight to the radical MAS or its successors." MAS refers to Morales's party, which, in English, stands for Movement Toward Socialism.

Why is policy towards that region so consistantly BAD?????

spelling mistake included to give MikeD something to chew on.

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Master Dildoist
Feb 11, 2002
Forment unrest, how the hell can you say giving money to the Bolivian Nazi War Criminal Medical Experiment Society is formenting unrest?