Denver neighborhoods


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
Update for posterity:

We ended up renting that $2,400/month (south) Stapleton house until we built our own. We liked Stapleton well enough that when we built we built in (north) Stapleton.

On north Stapleton: the parts north of I-70/Northfield are still Denver proper, still DPS (albeit with the good Stapleton schools as their choice boundary or whatever that's called). Still lots of pools, lots of young parents, etc.

My commute to Anschutz was fantastic from the rental and now remains great from north Stapleton. It's totally doable on bike once I got the whining out of my system (6.1-6.5 miles each way dependent on where on campus I'm going with perhaps 200 feet of elevation change).

In the winter I'll be forced into the car and unfortunately that's where things are a bit more sour: there's no great way to cross I-70 without running into some sort of traffic suckage. I-225 to I-70 to Quebec is my best bet, which is ridiculous since that's something like 11 miles as compared to the much more direct bike route.

I'm planning on staying in this house and at this job until I am ready to retire. Unless the hospital ups and moves to Golden I'll continue to live in Kansas and drive to the foothills on the weekend.

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Al Bundy
Jun 25, 2002
Fort of Rio Grande
toshi....parker is kansas.
I lived with my parents south of Parker in a development called The Pinery - we thought that was fucking Kanas but as it turned out there a roadside liquor store in Kiowa that sold alcohol and tobacco products to anyone with cash, no questions asked. That was fucking Kanas but also a little bit of teenage heaven.

Cool story bro: my buddy had a 1974 Satellite Sebring that we used to make beer runs, Schmidt's Animal Beer and Copenhagen chew. That was living.