der. hanger stripped out what do I do??


Apr 25, 2005
University of Connecticut
It's not replaceable (P2) totally stripped as in i can slide the bolt in and it doesnt get caught on any threads. Plus it's bent a little is there anything I can do?

I run it Single speed but use the surly singulater (no matter how many links i take out its either to loose or to tight, and I cant move the wheel back in the drop outs because no matter how hard I make the quick release it just gets loose after I bunny hop or something) I was GOING to go to a big skatepark today but now I cant is there something i can do to make it work for a day?


Turbo Monkey
I had a surly on a stuff and found it to be quite the piece of crap. It wasn't putting enough tension on the chain so I had something wedged between the chainstay and taped to the surly to keep the proper tension. And then the pully was spinning and causing the bolt to unthread despite the "engineering principle" of putting locktite on the bolt instead of a nut on a longer bolt. So my buddy and I had to cut the teeth off the pulley so that it wouldn't unthread the bolt while it spun. Problem solved. A bit off topic I know. Maybe you could get a longer bolt for the surley and use a nut on the other side of the hangar as a temp fix... That's my best idea for what it is worth


Feb 12, 2003
nedtown, colorado
If you just need a temporary fix, take a chainguide wheel thing and zip tie it to the chainstay. Tighten it up and it should keep plenty of tension on the chain. I've done this and it worked for a few days before the zipties broke.


Jan 10, 2005
go to a skii shop and get a helicoilits a steel insert with new threads or a dropout saver

i had to use the dropout saver on my orange cuz the non replaceble hanger stripped


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Dec 18, 2004
spokane, WA
switch your back hub to a solid bmx style axel, it wont slip any more, and it will be easier to adjust chain tention via the horizontal drop outs. i stripped the treads on my p.1 also... thats definatly something they need to look into changing.


Jul 26, 2002
i have a p3 and run it ss with a qr and found it not to keep tension
so i used chain pins to put between the hub axel and the dropout to space the wheel back, if chain pins are too thin just look around on a workshop floor to find something of suitable size, make sure theyre both the same.
this lets me run ss with no tensioners and no wheel slippage