Devinci Cycles 2011 Split Pivot Bikes: The Dixon, Dexter and Wilson!


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Jun 26, 2009

2011 brings the reinvention of popular Canadian manufacturer Devinci. Based around the suspension ingenuity of Dave Weagle, Devinci has built three new models from the ground up. Inside are photos and specs of each.

The 2011 Devinci Wilson sports 211mm of Split Pivoting rear wheel travel. This is the higher end Wilson SL, which retails for 6799 CAD.

The Wislon XP comes in red/white and retails for 3799 CAD.

Weagle's Split Pivot system is designed to pare away interaction between braking and acceleration; in doing so, the suspension behaves well in both situations.

The Dexter represents Devinci's XC bike for 2011. It brings all of the Split Pivot goodness from the Wilson onto an XC platform, and will surely be the bike for many cross country lovers.

The Dixon XP comes in around 2999 CAD and is the price point Split Pivot offering from the Quebecois manufacturers. The Dixon model has 145mm of travel, perfect for all-mountain domination.

For more information on the entire Split Pivot line please visit Devinci's website here!