Deyv and Isa come south Part 1


Nam I am
Deyv and Isa came south to a place with no snow. We made arrangement s to meet this morning down at Otis on Cape Cod. always a fun place!

Deyv will start off with a small up and over roll

next is a Ride across and roll. But Look at the clouds that were moving in!! The rain gods did Spare us but it didn't look good for a spell

a Nice roll in the middle of the trail

Isabels Turn

Deyv on a bridge

then we Pretty much dropped it in toi XC mode flying through the flowy trails that are otis ! and Deyv is still Freaking Fast!! , but a stop over by Whale rock, to catch some air while Deyv Drops

and on our way back we added a small extra loop and went past this steetp roll

and one last toy before departing the woods

Oh that was fun !! I love otis!