DH in Denver/Boulder Area


Aug 20, 2003

I'm considering a job related move which would put me just outside Denver, I have read and heard that there is awesome XC in the area but I haven't investigated much into the DH scene. What kind of DH (lift or shuttle) is there within an hour drive of Denver/Boulder (I know the two cities aren't THAT close but I'll be living somewhere in that area). Any and all feedback would be appreciated!!

Full Trucker

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Feb 26, 2003
Exit, CO
For shuttle spots I am simply going to say this: if you were to, say, actually read the threads in this forum you'll find out all there isn't to know about DH shuttle spots in Colorado.

Lift served is a bit different, there's these dang bike parks popping up all over the dang place. Places that have lift-served biking, with approximate driving times* to get to them:

Keystone Bike Park - Keystone (1 hour)
Trestle Bike Park - Winter Park (1 hour)
SolVista Bike Park - Granby Ranch (1-1/2 hours)
Vail - not really a bike park but a few good trails (1-1/2 hours)
Snowmass (3-1/2 hours)
Evolution Bike Park - Crested Butte (3-3/4 hours)
Angel Fire Bike Park - Angel Fire, NM (4-3/4 hours)
Mountain Village - Telluride (7 hours)

Web links and pricing info are here: http://forums.mtbr.com/colorado-front-range/2012-bike-park-pricing-opening-dates-780597.html

* All driving times from my house in Golden. YMMV. Hope that helps.