DH question


sled dog's bollocks
Jan 14, 2002
Just as a rough-do-not-take-this-as-if-it-came-from-lawrence-livermore-labratory estimation, DH riding is probably 20% the bike, 30% skills, and 50% anaerobic and aerobic ability. 20% may not make up a huge part of the big picture, but it IS significant, and being 20% slower in a race is an infinitely huge amount.

Riding a hardtail (one that has been set up for riding downhill with a lowered seat, at least 5" front travel, big meaty tires, etc) down downhill trail is not imposible, but it can be challenging, and being able to do it at the same speed as an FS bike is almost impossible. If you could beat most riders that are riding FS downhill bikes down downhill trails-on a hardtail, then you could probably take the world cup on a FS downhill bike.

It's not a bad idea to ride a hardtail down downhill trails, you get some benefits, some disadvantages, but in the end, if we are talking about racing, i'd have to say it is not a very good idea.


Sep 16, 2003
For: You go faster, its alot less tiring on the legs, its more fun.

Against: you go faster so it hurts more when you fall off, its expensive, it would suck if you were overtaken by a guy on a hardtail.

Do you need an F1 car to drive around Silverstone?

No....but I bet its **** loads more fun.