DHX Air issue- adding oil!


Dec 21, 2005
Hey all,

The other day my DHX Air shock had a minor issue- the oil bleed bolt up the top of the reservoir near the rebound adjuster was slightly loose, and under pressure, the O-ring behind the bolt slipped out, and oil blew out everywhere; I have essentially an undamped shock.

So basically, the shock has no oil. Now, this would be an easy fix for Fox techs here in Aus; but I need to leave for 3 weeks of riding in 5 days, and the distributors here in Aus won't be able to even look at the shock for 3-4 weeks! Hence, my LBS mechanics are adamant they can solve the issue. Problem being, none of them have much experience with DHX Air shocks; and this isn't helped by the Fox techs unwillingness to give us any details regarding the procedure of adding oil the the shock. Thanks, dudes :rolleyes:

I'm thinking the best way is to submerge the shock in oil, and cycle the shock through it's stroke to ensure no air bubble get in the oil, and then to close off the bolt/O-ring when the shock is fully compressed / bottomed out. Any other ideas?

Also, what weight oil exactly is good? I've heard fork oil is essentially shock oil, just I'm unsure of the weight of oil required.

Any help or insight into the issue will be greatly appreciated; and please don't tell me to send the shock to be repaired by Fox.



Its worth too much coin to play with Scott. Just get yourself a spare shock from somewhere. Oh- wheres my stem at biatch?


May 23, 2005
I have heard from someone at the Big S that Fox has some issues with all the air shocks they just made. Some thing was out of spec.
Send it back.