Diablo/NYC first timer


Jan 3, 2008
Belfast, Ireland
Hi guys,

first post on the forums. I am from ireland and will be in NY for a bachelor party/stag party for a few days around the end of april/may time. I'd love to come over a week early and get some hardcore action before hand. Most interested in diablo freeride park so headed over to the park info page. I don't fully understand if the park only opens at weekends or if you can still go but the uplifts/chairlifts/gondolas are only open at weekends?

Anyways i'd like to do diablo even if it is only open for the weekend and head over to another area on the weekdays. If it is closed mid-week where would you recommend for some freeride/dh/cross-stuntry :p to someone who doesn't know the city. I'd be interested in renting a bike and/or staying close by.

Here's some of the places i'm looking at but i'd like to visit marked routes and would love to go to some ski park areas like diablo.

Garnet Hill Mountain Bike Center
NYCMTB - in particular ninham
Cunningham Park Trails
Blue Mountain Reservation
Sprain Ridge Park
Also looking at MTBNJ but it is in the process of being updated

Oh, and looking at plattekill also possibly camping? So cheers guys, what have you got?

EDIT: I should say I'm prepared to travel out into the surrounding area if it means a good few days quality riding, cheers folks.

Sep 23, 2007
blue mountain and sprain ridge park are more XC. there are a couple of skinnies and some small drops in sprain, but nothing too crazy. There is a dh trail in blue, but not worth the hike to get to it in my opinion.

Ninham is a much better big bike choice. there are also some other secret spots by ninham that have some goodies worth checking out.

Pm me when the date gets close if you want a tour around ninham and the other local freeride trails....they are worth the trip btw.

NJ Jess

Sep 23, 2006
In NY, NJ, and even CT. Post when and where you want to ride when it gets closer to your event. Lots of guides from ridemonkey, mtbnj.com, wmba.org, nycmtb.com, crankfire.com, etc. Are you bringing a bike, what type? Whats your riding style?


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Jul 5, 2006
Vernon, NJ
diablo is only open on weekends from may till end of june, july till end of august they are open every day of the week. every day they are open the lift is running. being you are going to the city, and it is not in the season where diablo is open every day, check out high bridge (i believe its called) they have a bunch of dirt jumps (located in the city)


Jan 3, 2008
Belfast, Ireland
Cheers for the replies guys. Looks like it will be the 24/25 april, so looks like diablo is out unfortunately. Won't be bringing a bike either so if i can't hire a bike all riding may now be off. If the exchange rate is good and i can save money like a demon from now, i might just have to buy one ;).

I'm 30, have only been riding a year, and I currently ride mostly xc with a few small jumps / drops. But i am starting to realise i want to get into more and more freeride/dh stuff so thought it would be good to go somewhere like diablo (looks class). In ireland the first purpose built xc trail opened just last month, with a few more on the horizon. No official trails in northern ireland so mostly illegal trails but we are fighting hard to change that. Still some good stuff if you know where to look or are prepared to take the spade with you. And there is an offical dh park opening sometime this year thank god as i'm getting old fast.

Anyway i'll see how things go closer to the time. If the riding is off i may have to buy a dh/fr frame or something to make up for it :D.