Diablo vs Whistler...

Jan 24, 2006
Groom Lake
My buddies and I are hoping to do a trip to Whistler this year. We went a few years ago (pre-Garamel) and had a good time. They've added quite a bit since then but I keep hearing about Diablo.

So are there many Diablo locals who could give a good head-to-head comparison between Whistler and Diablo? I don't want to start any wars here, I know both places offer up some awesome riding, I was just wondering if anyone has been to both places and had some input.

Thanks in advance.


Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
i have ridden quite a bit at both...whistler is completely different and obviously way more fun.

Diablo is a blast as well but whistgnar is untouchable IMO...Have fun up there


Turbo Monkey
May 6, 2007
dirty jerz
if you want to experience the first time that you smile for so long because there are so many fun step ups to step downs, whistlers the way, there is also a great variety of downhill there ( i actually leared to ride roots the hard way there, kinda sucked but it was fun in the end)

on the other hand diablo, has great downhill trails and has an extremely wide variety of well maintained fun trails, they also manage to pull of a great us open every year, and the freeride parts of diablo are tuned into a more downhill aspect, its all about what you really make of it.


intrigued by a pole
May 14, 2007
Jersey Shore
Whistler>Diablo after going last summer, but I don't think it's a fair comparison(biggest mountain in North America in the birthplace of Freeride mtn biking vs Small mountain in the birthplace of skiing with Football jerseys and jeans).. I'm def. interested and excited to compare the two this summer after all the changes planned for Diablo..

Mega T

May 14, 2007
Being that Diablo is 2hrs away for me, I can't ask for much more, but if I were flying here and had to choose between this and Whistler? Not really much of a choice. Diablo keeps getting better every year, their construction is incredible, and they pack as much as they can onto a small mountain. Whistler is like 5 Diablos stacked on top of each other, but there's something to be said about not waiting for lifts, and it's always fast at Diablo. We went to Whistler last Sept/Oct -- poured every day (closed a lot of wooden stuff), snow closed the top half of the mountain, and on the one sunny day we did have there were 30 minute lift lines. Still a great time, and a good nightlife afterwards if you're into doing stuff after you ride. Either way, it's a bike trip. How can you possibly go wrong?


Aug 20, 2003
whistler is a whole different ball game the size makes it completely different. diablo's got good trails but whistlers got good trails for 20-30min per trip down....

John P.

Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2001
Golden, CO
Diablo has done wonders with the limited acreage and vertical feet they have to work with, and it's a great mountain with incredible riding. But in terms of an overall biking/vacation experience, Diablo doesn't hold a candle to Whistler. It just can't. No place can that I've ever been to.

Whistler not only has insanely good trails and so much varied terrain that your head will spin with the possibilities, the nightlife is always great and there are tons of things to do off the bike as well. I think I've been to Whistler 8 or 9 times now, and I don't recall ever waiting more than 15 minutes for the lift, so I'm not sure what Mega T is referring to . . . maybe I just got lucky or something.

Anyway, to wrap it up, Diablo is a great little mountain whos staff works very very hard to maximize their potential. Whistler is a gigantic mountain with an awesome village right at the best that also works hard to make sick trails. The biggest difference is that Whistler's potential is almost unlimited. The park is already enormous, and I don't think it takes up more than about 10% of the total area of the resort.

Mega T

May 14, 2007
John P. -- it was 2nd to last day of the season, nicest weather in weeks, and one lift running. Probably a combo of cutting back on staff for that time of year, concentration of everyone being confined to bottom half of the mountain, and some exaggeration on my part. Relatively, they were quick considering the circumstances.

Agree with everything in your post. I would also add Diablo is a weekend trip, Whistler is a week (and don't go for the last week of the season like I did).


Mar 21, 2004
Whistler, so much fun. Huge smiles and the trails are incredible.

Diablo will offer a little help on the wallet as it is much cheaper on traveling



Turbo Monkey
Jan 19, 2005
North Carolina
Whistler is essentially two mountains in one. 2>1. I usually just end up riding the Garbanzo area over and over if the crowds get heavy at the bottom...