Diagnosing blown compression cartridge in 2011 Marzocchi Bomber 66 RC3 Titanium


Apr 14, 2018
I went for a ride the other day and when I got home and was cleaning my bike I noticed a large amount of oil leaking from the rebound adjustment knob on the top left, and the compression adjustment on the bottom left of the fork. The rebound still feels normal the only thing that was weird was a spongy feeling as well as a more oily sound rather than the normal dry sucking sound it makes. I was wondering if I could get some help diagnosing this and maybe get some options.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2002
I don't even remember what that damper looks like after swapping out the cartridge years ago, so I can't help much. Pull the thing apart and see if things appear worn or broken to start until someone here chimes in with more info. You can still get parts for it.

Don't throw it in the garbage. Your fork is still good. If you're not already, the offset and arch clearance is good for 27.5 wheels.


RM Chief Ornithologist: “I Brake for Birds”
Mar 14, 2005
Yeah just a few o-rings, I've changed the lower one in an 888RC3 Ti to fix the same problem (compression) years ago. Not sure about the rebound side but likely / hopefully the same thing.

You'll need someone able to diassemble suspension to a fairly minute level, and access to a seal shop (or some very small sized NBR o-rings), unless you / your shop has access to old Marzocchi parts. On the compression side you have to pull the compression adjuster mechanism all the way apart.