Dialed in my Bow sight

eric strt6

Resident Curmudgeon
Sep 8, 2001
directly above the center of the earth
Something I was remiss in checking. I was having trouble getting the repeat grouping that I wanted from my bow. I had not rechecked my sight alignment. The scribe marks were still aligned but something had changed. I spent the last few days and probably shot 40 flights of five arrows doing micro adjustments. Yesterday was really good, now I had to get used to making sure my right hand rested in the proper spot on my jaw for a correct release. The winds are gusting to 20mph right to left across my yard and I just had to take my time and be mechanically correct and not rush,

In the many years I have been using this set up I have never put and entire 5 arrow flight dead center from 35 yards. I did it today, Wow. The arrows are gold tip Hunter 400 graphite with 100gm field tips
the Bow is a PSE Drive R with a 60 pound draw


sled dog's bollocks
Jan 14, 2002
That's damn impressive from that distance. Even getting a pistol group like that is challenging.