diatech anchor


Mar 2, 2008
i just brought a diatech anchor rear hydrolic disc brake from my mate, it was working fine when i took his identiti out for a ride but when i got it on my kona, there was a big puddle of hydrolic liquid on the floor and i think it was leaking from the caliper. i took it to the shop 'billys' in cambridge which are pretty good and he thought my pistons are gone, he would charge me 3 or 4 pound for the kit but i would have to strip the hole brake down and it would cost 25 pound an hour for them to do it and would take roughly an hour and a half which is bad, i might aswell buy a new brake because you can get the diatech anchor for 65 pounds
anyone know what it is? is it the pistons? and any ideas on a new good hydrolic disk brake. i was thinking about juicy seven?


Turbo Monkey
Mar 28, 2007
if your looking to get a whole new brake juicys are really good, however if you dont have enough or would rather stick to those than have the shop handle it to avoid any more mix ups.