Did I get a good bike?


Dec 11, 2013
Bourbonnais, IL
I just got into mountain biking this year, and haven't gotten to ride much at all. But I would like to experience a broad spectrum of biking. From smooth long trails to sharp technical trails with jumps and everything. I bought a 2013 Trek Marlin from a local bike shop because that's what they said would be perfect for me. They are more of a road bike dealer but still had a decent selection of Trek mtn bikes. My Marlin has shimano thumb shifters, quick release wheels, disc brakes front and back, lockable front suspension, A frame, and 29 inch wheels. All for approx. $690. So, did I make a good choice? Or have I been duped into buying something overpriced or not what I specifically needed? Any pointers or advice would help. Thanks!


Marlins seem pretty sweet for entry level. I see them go for more up north. I'm in Central, B-N to be exact, and Marlins run about that here, when not on sale. I think Vitesse may have a sale going. I don't think you've been duped, nor have you overbought for the trails around your area. It is basic, and gives you some good stuff to start with. Well done, and enjoy.

Paul Nelson

Jul 7, 2015
I bought this bike second hand from some one and mine is the 2012 model. I have to say I'm very pleased. I love the bike a lot, highly recommend this bike to anyone.