Different Kind of Tech Talk.. sorry


Top Banana
Jun 28, 2001
Superior, CO
Hi Monkey Friends. I know this is way off of the Riding subject but I have this job opening I am desperate to fill and thought maybe I would shout it out to all you monkeys out there:

My client in San Diego is looking for a Network Security Analyst who has experience with Firewalls, TCP/IP, UNIX etc... to fill a 6 month contract. It is a pretty senior level position and pays well. Any takers????????
Chu muss be talkins ta me babe, sence I'm da one here from San Diego. Security analizin' is my specialty. I have ta analize security everwhere I go, I'm a regular naked-eye. An' I'm real hip ta firewalls from hangin round da chop shops.
Chu knows work ain't my forte, but chor doo has impressed me to your service.
Juss give me da address an' da name of da High-Dink an' I'll be dare for ya.


Yes Mr. Johnson, we have found a perfect match for your position. Please let me introduce HELLTACO.........