Difficulties in mounting a DHX air to a '03 Gemini 800


Aug 8, 2003
I just got a new DHX Air shock for my 2003 Gemini 800, and thought I'd share some valuable information with anyone else interested.

It doesn't fit.

Well, not as intended. I've got it to fit, but only after removing the large blue bottom out adjustment nob from the piggy back. The shock is mounted narrow piston part forward, with the piggy back on the bottom. In this position the piggy back will hit the down tube before the shock bottoms out unless you remove that nob.

You don't need the nob unless you really want to constantly adjust your bottom out sensitivity while on the trail. And, if you do, you can just carry the nob in your pocket. Kind of a pain, but I think well worth it for the increase in performance I'm feeling with this shock.

It pedals better, and feels smoother than my vanilla RC that it replaced.