Dirt Demo: Yeti's New SB95 29er Trail Bike

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    Jun 26, 2009

    Some Dirt Demo goodies for y'all! Here is a preview of Yeti's new SB95 29er, a bike that is sure to be a hit among the big wheeled crowd. Pedal friendly, lightweight, and fast rolling, the bike was a joy to ride!

    Yeti turned quite a few heads with the introduction of the SB66 and their new Switch Technology linkage. Now, the SB95 is drawing attention, which takes the same linkage and applies it to a 29-inch platform. The pedal-friendly linkage, paired with a relatively slack geometry (68.5-degree head angle) should make for a formidable all-day mile-muncher.

    The Switch linkage relies on an eccentric pivot that actually changes direction mid-travel.

    The SB95 uses a tapered, inset headset to allow for the lowest stack height possible.

    The through-axle rear end utilizes a chip system in the dropouts to allow for compatibility with nearly every rear axle standard.

    Yeti’s welds are a thing of beauty.

    The SB95 should be available in early February, expected pricing is as follows:

    Enduro (X-7, X-9): $3500
    Race (XT):$4500
    Pro (XTR): $6150


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