Dirt jumping beginner


Jul 12, 2005
wellington ohio
the only pointer i have for u is: watch lots of video...and find a local rider who is better than u so that he can give u tips not only on riding but on the maitinence of ur bike, and just ride because u like doing it, not because u wanna be a million dollar pro rider...so have fun and good luck

Dirt Jumper

Sep 6, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Rules of thumb:

1) If the lip of a jump looks unstable, watch someone else try it first.

2) If the lip of a jump looks vertical, it'll still launch you in length. Physics, Physics.

3) Don't overshoot the landing. Once your front tire clears the landing, push your bike down and start pumping for the next jump (if you're doing rhythms)
thanks mates big help i did my first jump today man it was fun! it was erm.. about 3 maybe 4 ft so not bad the pointer about puttin the front down first helped alot and my mate well...he crazy lol so i gots a guy better then me and i love riding i dont care about the money that feeling of being in the air is just amazing nothing beats it!!


Turbo Monkey
May 25, 2005
Changleen said:
Start on a tabletop.
Yep, start out on some small table tops. Remember, have some fun and work your way up to bigger doubles. Don't forget, you need to learn to walk before you can run!