Dirt Rider Gone Missing - RIP


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I'm posting this here to try and help spread the word.

timmay said:
Mike Edwards,
friend, customer, and McKinney resident has been missing since April 13.

I received a call today that made my heart sink. Mike is an avid dirt rider. An extremely aggressive competitor and truly loves the sport. Below are the links to the sites that have all the news reports on the search in California for him. His Kleins are sitting in the corporate apartment so they know he did not just ride off to clear his head. There are many people that touch our lives, and Mike was one of those guys that when he walked into the shop, he lit it up with his 100mph personality, just like his attack on the trail. He is a great inspiration, sharing all his riding stories, face it who doesn't want to share their experiences. This is a guy that would have to walk out of a trail, carrying his bike, with broken bones somewhere.

I hope after reading this you keep his family here in McKinney in your prayers as they wait for any word on his whereabouts.

Also if you have anyone in your network, or riding community, that live in the Ridgecrest or Sacramento or anywhere in between...I would hope you will forward this information on to them. I have sent the articles to our shops in Sacramento and they are posting on their riding sites.

They are needing all the help they can get to find him. One of the pictures in the articles shows him when he left McKinney standing by his car that he made his trip. I am keeping close touch with friends of his family and will give updates when I have them.

One final thought from the blog spot that touched me.

As search helicopters and airplanes took off yesterday afternoon to search for Mike, I was reminded that our God sees all things. He misses nothing. Not only that, He knows all things. And even more comforting, He is in all places. While each of us can only be in one place at a time, God is present everywhere, seeing all, knowing all. And most importantly, BEING in all places. That means God is with Mike. And God is with Lisa and the team in Cali. And God is with those all over the country who are working to bring Mike home.

Nothing escapes God's gaze.

God speed,
Thank you all



Turbo Monkey
i just got word about this...here is what was posted:

timmay said:
Funeral details will be coming. While all I know at this time is that his body was found in some woods in Arizona....yes....Arizona....that is all I know. I will have funeral arrangements and details as soon as I can.
Watch the post.

God bless his family and may He wrap his comforting arms around them all.

timmay said:
We are all saddened. In fact we are all pretty much numb to the outcome. I know that there will be funds set up for the family. As SOON as I can get all the information together and get it out as quickly and efficiently as I can. I know you all will join me in putting together support for his family from our community.

Thank you all for your prayers.
Note: They have not found his car.



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Dec 25, 2003
Six Shooter Junction
FORT WORTH, Texas -- The body of a traveling emergency room nurse, who was on assignment in California, was found in Arizona, his family said Friday.

Mike Edwards' body was found in a remote area near Page, Ariz. His family said he was identified by his dog tags, and authorities said his belongings were found at a nearby campsite. An autopsy will be conducted by Arizona officials who speculated that Edwards may have died of exposure.

"He would never want to leave us," said his wife, Lisa Edwards. "I know that. He loves us so much, and we love him."

His family said he had not been heard from at all since a phone call to his wife, Lisa, on April 13. Lisa Edwards said her husband planned a 400-mile overnight drive to Sacramento, Calif., to pick up his nursing license.

"That's the worst part is waiting, and not knowing, and not being able to do anything at all -- just waiting," Lisa Edwards said.

There was no word on how Edwards got to Page, which is more than 500 miles from where he was staying in California. His family said he may have been dead for as long as a week when his body was found Friday.



Turbo Monkey

timmay said:
Still no news but here is the latest that I do know. Ok so there is something new.

Talked to Lisa tonight.
I am picking up Mike's bikes from her house. They were shipped back here from California. She want's them gone. SO I WAS THINKING....
Here is an opportunity for us to reall shine and help the family. I will be picking them up, taking them to the shop, getting them rebuilt and re-tuned and ready for either sale or auction. Not only does he have the bikes...he has all the other stuff....I don't know what until I get over there tomorrow. But It all has to go. So stay tuned....let's see what else we can do for Lisa and Gracie....

More to come as always.



Turbo Monkey
latest info (more for the local monkeys)...

timmay said:
For all of you who would show your support for the family and pay your respects to Lisa and Gracie. I encourage you to Load up your bikes on your vehicles....be sure and lock them on....and let's pay tribute to Mike at his memorial service.

The service that honors Mike will be at 2pm this Sunday...May 4 at the Legacy Church, Plano.


I spent about a half hour yesterday picking up the bikes from Lisa, and visiting with her just about as you can imagine, just stuff. She is well. She is overwhelmed by the phone calls and emails and donations coming from this side of his life. I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported them, and those of you who intend to still stop by and give at the Chase locations. They are in need of more assistance. Just getting everything home including Mike is a huge undertaking.
As for his bikes, they will be at the memorial service, either on my truck or in the church. I look forward to seeing our support. Mike touched a lot of people. Lisa told me that she just wished that Mike would have realized just how many people he had touched in his life.

God speed.