disc brakes on older gary fisher


Jun 13, 2010
Upstate S. Carolina
Hello all! Ok so I've had a gary fisher advance for a long while, i'm pretty sure it's a 2003 model. I was probably 15 or so when I got it (21 now) which may seem crazy to some of you, but I haven't grown much since then so I'm not gonna buy a new bike right now when I can still ride this one. (ok ok, if I had a grand or so to drop I'd definitely buy a new one...but i don't) I haven't put a whole lot of riding time on it considering how long I've had it so really it's just now getting broken in.

On to my question, does anyone know right off hand if I can convert the v-brakes to disc? I'm really wanting to upgrade to a better quality braking system. Also, anything else that should be upgraded or serviced after a few years riding with almost no maintenance?