District ride where is the info?


Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
Yo the district ride went down in Germany this past weekend am i correct? Why is there no info on it anywhere besides a blurb on the match site? :confused:


Turbo Monkey
The event was sweet. Some friends of mine helped building so I went down for a look.
The course designed by Cory Moore was unbelievable. He told me people were having doubts about it being ridable but when Cam Macaul did the big gap first, all hell broke loose. It was a gap from a castle wall kinda and it was app. 8 or 9m high and Im guessing it was at least 6 or 7m far. The riders were actually scared to hit it the first 2 days.
In the final no handed suicides and one footed tabletops were thrown of of it which was really impressive to see.
Chase took first place, he was rippin for sure but imo Paul B should have won. He was throwin 360 drops, backflips on the stepups and tailwhips of. Then finished in the dirt section with a backflip, a suicide no hander and then allmost landed a 360 tailwhip! I was stunned to see someone doin that especially on a MTB...
Strait did some amazing stuff to like a no footed can of the big gap but the jury voted for Chase. Props to him too for being the only one making the finals on a HT and ofcourse for riding like he did. He is without a doubt the best 26" street rider on the face of the earth.
I do have a couple of pics but theyre not really good since I had a Theres footage on freecaster and pics will be up on www.redbulldistrictride.com


Turbo Monkey
partsbara said:
glad i didn t go then ;)... sorry i didn t call ya mate, but our plans fell apart..

i get the cast off my arm in a week or so... winterberg / burg frank - keen ???

Yo Partsy too bad you guys couldnt make it. Better luck next time.
It was pretty cool but once again it proved to me that I rather ride myself...
Im riding the Dutch 4x nationals this weekend but Ill try and hit Wberg fo one last time the following week before I pull the v10 apart. Its all 4x, BMX and DJs this winter so I wanna get some DHing done while I still can.
Ill PM ya or give you a call before next weekend to see if your up for it.

Cheers mate