Disturbing Lopes Picture.


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Jan 30, 2002
Grand Haven, MI
Just got this emailed to me. I think it was taken by one of my team mate's wife. Lopes and Levi Kyser making out. All this while team HGR rider Ryan Mulder try's to get loose from Lopes.

The rest of the Jeep pictures from Pando are at: http://highgearracing.com/gallery/JeepKOM2005?page=1

BTW: That race changed my opinion of Lopes. Previously, he seemed always to be too good for anyone. I was seriously wrong. He was very cool and took a ton of time to hang out and talk with everyone including Greg Crooks, Ryan Crooks's dad. Ryan from team HGR that died the week before and Lopes was a hero of his since he was a little boy. Lopes gave Ryan Mulder his sign jersey from the race too. Very cool

General Lee

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Oct 16, 2003
The 802
OGRipper said:
The tongue is one thing, but what about the male camel toe the world champ is sporting? :nope: :p

Not that I was looking...er...uh yeah... :D

i believe the term used when referring to men is "moose knuckle"