DJ/ Urban bike recommendations.


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Mar 2, 2004
Back in Hell A, b1thces
I've started Dj'ing and riding Urban a lot since moving to LA. I think I'm ready to spring for a new urban/ DJ bike and was looking at this.

What do you think about this for $850? Any other recommendations?


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Feb 19, 2003
The last MBA I think (or the one before) had a DJ bike shootout. The P3 from specalized won it's pick. $1600 ain't bad, XT drivetrain, Blackspire chainguide, Hydro Brakes, and a Manitou Sherman Jumper fork. Was a pretty good deal with the parts makeup + their warrenty is top notch incase something breaks or busts.

Chase, P. series, or the Kona DJ lines are all excellent bikes for that stuff and reasonably priced as well. You're going to want the guts to be solid. Good wheels, cranks, and fork.

I almost got a Cowan as they aren't too much (frame only), but there's chase's and P series floating around. I see them in the for sale sections all the time.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 16, 2005
u can take a look at the new cortina ht...u can get it built pretty much however u want depending on your $$$$...try searching for cortina in this forum..there are some pics in here somewhere or u can email adrian@cortinacycles.com..im out of town but adrian might have some frames ready by now..

spunger u better not talk sh@# for me recommending this bike..i just saw your last comment about me in the lounge and it didnt make me to happy...:evil: