dmr trailblade 9mm


goofy for life
Jun 9, 2003
El Lay
Anyone have one of these? any noticeable flex? i am doubting that 20mm TA is necessary for a rigid steel fork that is reasonably short.

my 3" vanilla is near death and the thought of dropping $500-$600 on a fork plus $200 for a new wheel... only to gain weight from my current set-up has me reconsidering checking out rigid on the cheap.

trailblade plus a madera hub laced to a $20 singletrack with db spokes sounds pretty light and foolproof (and 1/3 the cost of an argyle/4x + a nice 20mm wheel). or even a 110g hope pro3 hub.



Apr 13, 2007
one world...
yeah, rigid 9mm X 100mm + bmx hub, like the madera you mentioned, a demo. mary kate, or marmoset is the magic recipe.

Only reason I went with the 20 X 110mm compatible Rebate 1420 was the fact that I could easily still swap the same wheel between my slammed DJ2 and the Rebate with no worries. Also possible to run pegs easier, but that's not really my thing at the moment.

but really, depending on the set-up, you won't really gain much weight at all if you go with a nice femaled axle for the 20mm set-up... well on a rebate, or a dobermann or NSbikes fork, since the dmr tb2 has funky bolt on caps for 20mm like susp., which are heavier...

bcd, you should shave that disc mount, looks so much smoother. I took a dremel to mine to open the reliefs into holes like on the trailblades too.
I still cringe at that straight laced front wheel, haha! I'm not that hard on front wheels and could probably get away with it actually, but still... I'm workin' on a new front wheel now, but jsut going with trusty 3x.


Jul 30, 2007
I case and land to flat like crazy. Mine seems to hold up fine so far. I don't think I'm going back to suspension at this point.