Does anybody have experience with DT Pro Lock nipples?


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Aug 8, 2005
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stiksandstones said:
Hey Mike, I have done it both ways over the years, always betting myself which is 'better'...I have not noticed a difference really, but more often than not I use the inner spokes as my pulling spokes as well. I firmly believe a properly built wheel that is tensioned properly could be laced all jacked and will still be fine.

Everyone is born with a special talent in life-sadly mine was building friggin wheels and there was no fortune to be made in it so I moved on and just do it for fun...point being, wheel building is not a science-I have seen guys put 10x the effort and thinking than I do into it and my wheels will always outlast them.

Let the thread roll on...

Haha Roll it goes.... Anywho i havent actually worked at the Bike shop for about 7 months now and they still call me to come Build up wheels for them..... Thanks for responce.....Will Holler Specs and stuff again i am sure
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