Does anyone know about the Voodoo Ogun Saint frames on Ebay?


Jan 15, 2008

They are offering a full suspension Voodoo 'Ogun Saint' frame on Ebay for a decent price. I was thinking about building my first 'real' mountain bike. I want to start biking for fun, exercise, and as a training aid for my motorcycle (offroad) harescamble racing. I want the full suspension for hard trail riding, some small jumps, and to make the bike feel simular to my mx motorcycle. ANYWAY... I was wondering if this Voodoo frame is a good start. I know, I know, there are probably much better frames, but is this one decent? Will I be able to mount a big tire/rim on this frame? Does anyone out there have one in finished form that you want to show off? Let me know. Thanks. -Todd