Donations needed - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Fellow Monkeys,

Do you know someone with cancer? Chances are that you do. In 2005 alone, an estimated 34,810 new cases of leukemia alone will be diagnosed in the United States. Did you also know that the incidence rates for all types of leukemia are higher among males than among females? In 2005, males are expected to account for more than 56 percent of the cases of leukemia. Pretty scary statistics huh?

Well, that’s why I’ve decided put the mountain bike on the back burner, break out the road bike and volunteer my time to train and fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Team In Training). I’ll be riding the 109-mile “El Tour de Tucson” on November 19th in Tucson Arizona to honor those who are simply trying to survive. Imagine not being able to ride your bike anymore and no longer being able to enjoy the simple day-to-day things that so many of us take for granted. How would you react? How would you handle that? Now imagine knowing that someone out there was willing to give up his or her time and energy to help you when you needed it most…

Listen, we all know the devastating results and loss of lives associated with the recent Hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, but let’s not forget that cancer isn’t a seasonal event and it never takes a day off. I’m asking each and every one of you to find it in your hearts to make whatever tax-deductible donation you can. You can make a difference in someones life!

Please visit my Team In Training donation page and make your contribution today! I really need your help...


Thank you,
Rich aka “surfinguru”

p.s. This has been passed through Adam and has been okayed to post. Thanks Adam :thumb:

(Thanks for making this a sticky guys!)


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Mar 18, 2002
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Thanks for putting in the time and effort to help those less fortunate. I just completed the MS 150 in CA and I'm always amazed at the time and effort fellow riders put into making the event a success. I'll send you a few bucks after payday.



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May 25, 2005
Thanks for posting this and taking the time to make a difference. I'm planning to make a donation. I have known several people who have had their lives affected by cancer--two of which were barely out of their teens. Good work...
Thanks for the support you guys! :thumb:

I just got a sweet $500 bump from an Exec here at work so I only need about another $1000.

My original goal was to raise $5000, but with the hurricanes and all, I'll be happy just to get the minimum $3300. If everybody could kick down like $10 each, I'll be there in no time.



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Aug 22, 2001
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You're getting there!!!! Good luck with the ride. You're right, it is soo hard to imagine not being able to ride. I went through that for 5 months and it was difficult.
Hey, Guys and Gals, I've reached the minimum $3300 required! Woo-hoo! However, I've only recieved ONE donation from this community. (Thanks Heidi - you truely rock!) Quite dissapointing to say the least. Come on people, $10, $20 whatever you can donate would be really appreciated.

Adam was cool enough to allow me to put this out there, so let's make it worthwhile!!!