Drop N Zone


Turbo Monkey
Aug 16, 2004
In a Van(couver) down by the river
I just wanted to put up some feedback on the Drop N Zone in B'Ham. I've been in there a couple of times and they have always been really cool. I just dropped off my bike for some service and I was completely blown away by what happened. I expected the usual "we won't get to it for another week or so", but what I got was "we might be able to get it done by later today so you can still ride this weekend." HOLY CRAP! I did not even ask for rush service or anything.

Even though I split my time between Vancouver BC and Seattle, I think I will be having my bike worked on at DNZ from now on.
Good job guys!

EDIT: Props to the guys at Recycled Cycles in Seattle, too. Good people.