Dual Ring Gods???

I have heard of people running dual ring gods as a chain guide for urban bikes. I am very interested in doing this, but before i go ordering two bash gaurds, i was just wondering how do you do this as there is only room for one bash gaurd and one chain ring on a crank spider. do you just mount one on the inside of the chainring? will the bolts reach, or be really weak? I have azonic 3-pc cranks, so i can move them to the right to make room. that's one thing i have figured out. any help, thanks


Sep 9, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
a couple of my friends do this, more to keep the chain on than anything else. they don't offer much more protection than a single bashguard. anyhoo, use longer chainring nuts/bolts and spacers to mount the second bashring. make sure you have enough clearance with the chainstay or you will really mess up your chainline. grinding the teeth off a big old ring works just as well as a inner bashguard.