Duro Tires DH tread


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Apr 18, 2002
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Duro tire is a new kid on the high end MTB tire block, and has big goals.


Duro Tires are a new player on the high end downhill block. They have vast experience making tires, and make the high end models for much of their branded competition.

They have brought Mike Sabin in house to help design and market the new tires. He was with Maxxis and Kenda when they brought their tires to the market and has setup a working relationship with Kathy Pruitt and Gerritt Beytagh.

There are a few new tires coming next season, but they were not available to show yet as their 3d mockups were left behind at Eurobike. oops?



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Dec 27, 2004
DTufino... Sweet photo and thanks for sharing the ad.

I got a chance to jump on a bike with Duro tires this past weekend and was pretty impressed. The Razorback's have a straight forward tread pattern that does what its supposed. The compound was soft and sticky even on the slimiest of rock/roots.

I'd say they are definitely worth a look next season. I know I plan to give them a fair try.