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    As you may know Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (Evergreen) in conjunction with King County and numerous volunteers have been busy with construction of Duthie. To ensure continued development of the park Evergreen is kicking off a new fundraising effort; Buy a Tile for Duthie.

    Your donation gets you an engraved tile, with your name, group, organization, dedication or business name. The tile will be placed in a new low lying wall to be constructed in the Central clearing at Duthie. The wall will also serve as a bench and central gathering area. Two sizes of engraved tiles are offered, a smaller $100 tile and larger $250 tile. Please check out Evergreen’s website (links below) to learn more about the program, engraving details and how you can donate.

    Sponsor Duthie Hill: http://evergreenmtb.org/donate/duthie_rock.php

    Questions: http://evergreenmtb.org/php/show_page.php?page_id=303

    Proceeds from the tiles will be matched to fund continued construction. In addition, many companies match donations, please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation.

    Some Donation Ideas:
    • Dedicate a tile to a family member or loved one
    • Work with your riding crew to dedicate a large tile
    • Your Business Name
    • Speak with your employer to see if they want to sponsor a tile on their own


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