DW DHR for 5'10 rider


May 18, 2005
on the rocks
I've been searching the site for size recommendations on this frame. At 5'10 Im right on the edge of a medium or a large and I 'm having trouble deciding. My 08' tnt rfx medium felt a little small for all mtn riding. I prefer the older 06' rfx with longer TT. but with a dhr you dont sit down so I think thats irrelevant...

I have an 08' round tube in medium which feels pretty good.

Geo numbers on Turners site seem to show the md/large to be closer in size than the small- medium is. looks like most guys under 5'10 have it easy just get a medium. Being 5'10 right in the middle, I could go either way but just cant seem to settle on one side or the other.

After having your dhr for a while can anyone chime in on what the report card is?



Jul 13, 2009
I'm just at 5'11 and rode a large DW DHR. It definitely felt a little bit bigger than any of my previous bikes(medium v10, and current medium Demo 8), but after getting used to it I felt it fit me better than any of the other bikes that I have owned. Are you right at 5"10, or are you a bit taller? If you are a little bit closer to 5'11 I'd go with a large personally, but I like bigger bikes.

The medium DW DHR is definitely on the smaller side. If in doubt go with a medium Demo 8! It will fit you perfectly haha.


Apr 3, 2008
I'm 5'10"ish and the large was ok for me, a little long for tight corners on the shore but really nice on high speed stuff. Depending on your trails you could go with the large and a really short stem like the Straitline 28mm.


Mar 5, 2010
I'm 6'1 and ride a large DW DHR. 5' 10 sounds like you are right in the middle. are you buying offline? if you have the opportunity to be able to sit on one in person I would definitely do it. Being 6'1 and riding a large it definitely feels like i am "in" the bike rather than "on" it. I prefer larger frames though and like to feel like I am in the bike, rather than on it. The large will have a longer wheelbase than the medium, making it more stable at speed, and you could compensate with a shorter stem to make it feel more like a medium. once you get your sizing issues sorted, you will most definitely not be disappointed with the bike, love mine!


May 24, 2007
I am just under 6'0 and the large fits me pretty good. Its a little on the small side compared to other larges I have ridden. At your height I would go for the Large and if you need to you can always run a 28-40mm stem. The medium I tried felt a lot smaller than other mediums I have ridden in the past.

On a side note, I may be selling my large 2011 DHR to get some school money. Don't want to though but if your interested PM me.


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Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
I'm 5'10". Owned a medium round tube 09 DHR. Have a DW-DHR in medium. Would never go to a large. With the slacker head angle, the medium really never gets out of hand at speed at all.

I'd think you'd have to muscle a large around more than you need.