earthed 5 or between the tape?


  • Earthed 5: Law of Fives

    Votes: 58 73.4%
  • Between the Tape

    Votes: 21 26.6%

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Turbo Monkey
Dec 20, 2006
Boise Idaho
well i hvaen't seen earthed 5 yet , but i heard good things. between the tape is excellent [i watched it for the numerous time last night].i don't think you can go wrong with either one to be safe just get both of them.


Sep 11, 2007
Richmond VA
I Have both and its hard to compare the two, earthed is pure action minimal talking and has a ton of Sam riding, and some of the shots are just awesome. Between the tape is one the best put together racing videos and shows what top level racers do other then ride, like steal air port bikes. Ether way you can't go wrong, but I'd go for Between the tape.


Feb 17, 2007
Highland Lakes NJ
I've only seen Between the Tape, but I can't imagine any video being better than it is.

I can't wait for the new one to come out in the spring. :rockout:


Aug 31, 2007
seen them both.
Earthed has better video quality, more action, al the 4x crapp put together so you can skip it easily. but crappy music.

between the tape gives you some insight into the riders way of life. good music. also enough action but not as much as earthed. and no 4x at all, only as a extra. some shots are dark or too much light, not clear.

in the end it would be best to buy them both

General Lee

Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2003
The 802
They're both good, but if you have already spent a few years traveling to national or WC races, or already know a lot of the behind the scenes info you might find Between the Tape a bit drawn out while E5 is be more of an all out race video that skips over all the stuff you have already seen in person, read about, or had told to you.

Between the Tape is a great video for anyone who wants to know more about the goings on of the race circuit and the personalities and perspectives of those involved with the sport.

E5 is for those who already know the former or don't care. If you've raced any of those tracks or venues it's a great way to see what the best guys are doing differently (and what Sam is doing differently from everyone!).

I'd throw my vote in for E5, but have to give Clay credit using a documentary format rather that doing just another take of the same old race movie. If i was 16yr aspiring racer or was just getting into DH I think I'd watch BTT everyday; much like I did when Transcontinental first came out after the '99 season.

But like Sven said, buy both. Each provides some awesome footage in 2 completely different styles.

Huck Banzai

Turbo Monkey
May 8, 2005
If youre a race fan and interested in personalities, the scene, and the big picture - between the tape; if you just want to watch riders race/rip - Earthed 5.

Both are very good, although some people find BTT boring (not me!!), but I havent had anyone ask me to FF E5 yet.


Turbo Monkey
Personally I wanna see Clays new movie and then compare it with Earthed 5
Likewise. "First" will likely be very well-polished since there's a little more time to edit, etc. I really hope he does something involving Vouilloz, that would rule.

I own both of the vids on-topic...it's a win/win. Both vids make me want to ride more. Not that I need excuses to ride...just motivation.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 29, 2006
i just got both for christmas, and both were awesome. for me, i need to be in different moods to take maximum enjoyment out of either movie. earthed 5 is shorter, higher energy and little easier to watch when you're amped up. between the tape is perfect for when you're totally un-stoked to ride, whenever that happens, and you want to get back into the riding mood. i watched it and even though it was pouring i had to go for a ride. both are great though, i do miss a lot of the older sections from earthed like the hardtails section, but overall both are top notch.


sportin' the CROCS
Nov 30, 2007
Between The Tape has some girly narration but awesome riding and music. Earthed 5 has good riding and is worth buying for the Champery section. Overall Earthed 5 is a little bit Sam Hill fanboy with crappy music. IMO.


Feb 28, 2007
I'd have to agree with the Sam Hill fanboy content of Earthed 5. Great movie none the less. I'm a huge fan of the World cup coverage and love the hour or so of extra footage from the 6 world cup events. I haven't seen Between the tape, but will probably pick it up also.


Turbo Monkey
Mar 10, 2005
i reckon if you aren't to bothered about the lastest footage on the world cup, between the tape is probably the better option. and yes i have watched both.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 4, 2001
Sea to Sky BC
e5 is worth it just for the extras, think a whole second movie for the price of one....I prefer the extras tunes and cuts better than the main movie.....but either is better than BTT....yaaaaaaawny mellowdramatic commentary....


Sep 21, 2007
different type of movies, one is telling a story and you could play to non dhers and they would appreciate it. Earthed 5 is more ofr dhers really.

both really good


Turbo Monkey
Mar 3, 2005
I haven't seen between the tape, but earthed 5 was very good. It has a little bit more mellow vibe music wise than the other 4 movies in the series. I thought it was really well done like the rest of the series, and the 4x footage was much better than in any other vid I have seen.


Jul 28, 2005
E5 as well as the entire earthed series is more "natural" than other movies...and btp have a little bit more production...better music...i dont know....

i like them both but E5 could be better


Dec 4, 2007
New Zealand
I think Between the Tape captures you into the World Cup scene well and it's a really well done movie. The music is good and fits in perfectly with the footage (which is awesome), and its kinda cool listening to all the riders and hearing their thoughts and perspectives etc. I find the narrator gets a bit annoying after a while though.

Earthed 5 is a completely different style movie. Its fast and action packed and gets you really pumped to ride. At first I thought some of the music was pretty crap but after watching it a second time its grown on me a bit. I was expecting it to be a full on Sam Hill fanboy movie but its not really like that, although his section is awesome.

I can't decide which one I like better so I'm gonna say get both of them.

- seb

Turbo Monkey
Apr 10, 2002
Between the tape for me, but I love racing. Fox headliners I & II were the best race vids before that imho.

Looking forward to F1rst


May 31, 2007
I have not seen Between The Tape, so I can't do a full comparison. Earthed5 I've watched enough where when I ride to the songs I can tell what riding scene is happening in my head. If you love WC Downhill Racing, I don't see a way you'll be disappointed. It follows the same format as the rest of the Earthed videos but I love it and the odd music!

Although I don't get why F1rst is being released all the way in April. I know it takes time to make a video, but it's like a season old already. I've been able to watch Earthed 5 since November, and when I think April, its already 2008 DH riding season, so whats the point releasing so late?

Corey Ride- I get all my snowboard/DH DVDs through this website. Never had a probaly, free shipping and it comes Priority Mail, get in 3-4 days.

Edit- so yes, my vote goes for Earthed5.



Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
From a stylistic standpoint I prefer BTT to E.5

The music, the way it was shot, how it was shot, the narrative - everything just made it a really cool and cohesive piece. The scenery shots and rider interviews were really cool too - Clay seemed to be able to get the riders to relax.

E.5 was also pretty good - not a big fan of the soundtrack, and I wish they had some more commentary on the races... The 1:04 stuff was definitely cool though.