East Coast Rally Race Photos


site moron
Jul 5, 2006
Vernon, NJ
figured I can chime in now...

the story

I have a 3 acre field that I pretty much use as a playground.

I ride mtb, dirtbike, cars, tractors ect around it all the time.

The field is level, then has a slight slope down to the barn.

To get back on my driveway you have to drive from field, to the barn, then around the house and back to the driveway.

I had the car in 2nd gear going about 10mph.... 5mph to fast.

Once I got on the hill I realized I was in trouble, the car began sliding sideways.

The ground was super wet from the ice/rain all day.

I lost all traction and slid down the hill.

I was lucky enough to hit the old part of the barn.

My car has only a cracked reflector.

I got lucky, I am a dumbass.