~~~Easter GMT~~~


Texans fan - LOL
Aug 13, 2007
He is risen. I am actually up this early on a Sunday, right?

Today we celebrate the public murder of an ancient hippy by overindulging in chocolate.

Da Peach

Outwitted by a rodent
Jul 2, 2002
North Van
At work again... 17 hour day yesterday. That was a hoot.

Last Easter was way better:

Was out for a trail ride Easter Sunday on Fromme with a couple of buddies. The more adventurous of the 3 of us (not me) wanted to check out an old alternate route the to trail we had planned to ride. It took us a little farther out on the "darker" side of the mountain. It was old and beat up and not a great section of trail. (This was now all a descent, for the most part, we'd finished the long climb) As we got back to the trail we'd planned to ride, his phone rings. It was my wife. She was going into labour. Apparently she'd been trying me for about a half hour but we were out of cell range. (at least on my crappy service provider...)

That was one wild ride down the mountain.

Today is not going to be anywhere near as much fun.


Sep 8, 2009

Relaxing and working on the bikes before heading over to my wife's aunt's place later this afternoon for the family get together.



Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
Mornin! Hiked a mountain yesterday and just put in a few hours on the trails. Saw a boat load of turkeys and am now a bit spent myself. Time to grab the pup and go for another hike. Woot!


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
Last day in Florida. Weather got really nice. Tomorrow the long drive home which I am actually looking forward to. I have driven less than 20,000 miles in 4 years so its fun to get the car on the road.


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
Howdy all. Busy but good weekend for me.

Saturday involved many hours spent driving to and from the city, paying $45 (! that's with a $5 discount coupon, too) to park, futzing around at the NY auto show with wife + baby + undergrad buddy, then excellent Thai out on the town. We were out of the house with the kid in tow from 9 AM - 10:30 PM or so, by far the longest day away yet.

Today involved changing the oil on both cars, completing about 25% of a backup camera installation on the Acura, as well as hanging out with/showing off the baby to a high school friend + grilling steaks and veggies.

Busy busy busy. I'm almost looking forward to the slower pace of the work week… :D