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Jun 19, 2007
So I have read most of the massive dw link thread a the top of the forum and also searched around and I still have a couple of questions.

I have an 05 sunday frame that has the updated link to run a dhx on it.
I have a "sunday tuned" dhx that just got in, but was wondering if there were any special kind of mounting hardware required? The frame is coming with a 5th mounted on it and wanted to know if it is going to be a pretty straightforward swap?

Also, what is the best spring rate calculator for a dhx on a sunday?

Sorry, I know this info must be somewhere, I am just having trouble finding it.


General Lee

Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2003
The 802
your 5th hardware should work on your dhx, i used to run the 5th hardware on my older dhx's when i first switced over in '05. just swap it.

if you weigh between say, 145 and 180 try the 300# spring, more of less go up or down 50#

0 to 2 clicks pro pedal, 100-125 psi, bottom out adjustment fully closed, rebound set to taste; that's pretty much the generic starting point for the Sunday but you'll have to experiment yourself.

it's all in there somewhere, but 80 pages is bit much to sift through.