Elevation profile of the Colorado Trail?


May 12, 2010
Hi Folks

My wife and I would like to ride parts of the Colorado Trail and other trails in Colorado, like Crested Butte and others.

However my wife is concerned that with the Rockies elevation, the climbing is going to be too much for her. She's in great shape, but she's worried that we'll be facing 2-3 hour climbs to reach the peaks, if not longer.

Can anyone advise if this length of climbing is typical to Colorado, and what kind of typical elevation profiles, in percentage if possible, we would be facing.

Thanks in advance for saving our marriage. :)


Michael Bolton
Sep 21, 2003
In a van.... down by the river
Yes. Shuttling is quite possible and highly recommended for a bunch of nice trails... Monarch Crest, 401 in the Butte, Colorado Trail from Copper Mt -> Camp Hale, Colorado Trail from Georgia Pass -> Breck... the list goes on.


Expert on blowing
Feb 12, 2003
if you're doing parts that will take you near hope pass, be sure to stop in to the trailhead in buena vista (north side of town, east side of road), headed up by keith & evelyn. great folks, very knowledgeable, and will take time to help.

website: thetrailheadco.com

and normally i pooh-pooh shuttling, but if you're coming from lower elevation w/o acclimating, and want to enjoy - not just endure - your time, take it. well worth it, & get to meet some cool locals (i hope!)

oh, parts may still be snowed in - especially after the past 24 hrs - so might want to wait until at least june. also, you may have to make lodging outside of major event towns during annual events, like leadville 100 (both bike & run in aug). yet something else to factor in. we have a great hut system, so that's another option you may enjoy.

google 10th mountain division huts & i bet there's something along the way.