Ending Nixon's war on drugs


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004

What % of that cocaine smuggling business is finding noses in the USA? All of it?

The president of Ecuador is allotting an extra 24 million to fight this but that seems funny compared to the budgets of the cartels he is trying to regulate.

Lets say we ended the war on drugs and the access and supply chains shifted away from cartels to legal and above ground operations. Maybe it would allow Ecuador to create revenue sources rather than take revenues. This reign of terror could come to an end. (Their saying they had chainsaws in the prison, hacking people up, wtf)


Paranoid Member
Jan 9, 2004
Those poll results are interesting mostly and in part infuriating. 60% of Republicans choose punishment over help despite only 50% thinking that actually works. So
10% are either cripplingly stupid or just total assholes. I think the evidence points to a majority in the first camp because just under 50% oppose policies based on science. Lucky lucky you. Has fux started promoting this yet? It id a republican bill right?