Endless Lifetime Review


Mike Bloss, Hero
Over the past few days, I’ve been putting my new Endless Lifetime to the test to see what it is capable of, and let me tell you it’s open for anything. Upon initially throwing my leg over it and giving it the old street test, I immediately noticed the differences in the geometry over my old Jack Flash RAD. I was currently riding it with dual 24” wheels and a 4” fork. The steering was quick and precise almost like my trials bike. I immediately started tossing it around noticing its “flickability” if you will. Quite possibly due to a more roomy cockpit than my 21” TT RAD and a shorter rear end, I found the bike to snap around much easier than my RAD when doing 180s. I then went and tossed the bike up on the rear wheel for a little go at some trials moves (as much as I could only with a rear brake) and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to pedal kick around as easily as I would have had my trials bike had the larger amount of weight up front. Following the trials test I decided I’d see how it felt airborne. I started kicking it off driveway lips and found the bike to be very stable and comfortable in the air.

The next day, I took the bike over to the skate park. When jump turning out of the ramps, I was finding that I was over turning. I was throwing the bike harder than really needed, which really made happy. I wasn’t having to fight the bike, it was working with me. I was loving the bike more and more with every moment. As I keep riding it, I find more and more aspects to the frame that I like, and that enable me to improve my riding. When jumping out of the half-pipe’s tabletop jump I found something to be a little odd. With the dual 24” setup and 4” fork, I think I really wasn’t used to the low front end and such snappy steering. Not really sure, can’t put my finger on it. It could have also been that I had tired myself out the previous day so badly that I was just riding stupid, but it seemed that I just couldn’t get it to pop off the lip as easily. Almost like my fork was eating all the kick or I just wasn’t balancing myself properly. Either way, I’ve yet to go back and ride the park again with the dual 24s when I’m not all tired out.

Yesterday I was able to take the bike out for some trail running. While waiting for my ex-girlfriend to show up I pulled the bikes out of the basement. At this point I decided, “Hey, while I’m waiting why don’t I compare the two bikes.” Fortunately her bike is also a Jack Flash RAD setup nearly identical to how my RAD was, simply with more XCish components. At this point in time I had swapped my 24” front wheel for that 26”. I hopped on the Lifetime and noticed the slight difference in the steering. It now felt slightly more carvey like my RAD. I also seemed to feel a little more comfortable with the front end the 1” higher. I started attempting to do manuals and noticed finally that I was actually able to hold them for more than the two seconds I could prior. It felt easy to get to the balance point and hold it there. It felt comfortable rather than as if I was struggling. The short rear end made all the world of difference. I might want to add that all throughout this riding I had my wheelbase set all the way forward at 15.75”. Following the goofing around manualing, I started seriously trying to bunny hop and seeing how high I could get. To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised. I was definitely throwing the bike up higher than I ever had, and at the same time it felt more comfortable and easier. I seemed to just pop up and level out nicely when throwing your arms forward and giving it the tuck. I then hopped on the ex’s bike. I then realized the drastic differences in the cockpit between the two. The RAD was definitely tighter, more carvey, and I could definitely sense the longer wheelbase. Everything that a DS bike should feel like, but at the same time I was finding it way harder to bunny hop and manual due to the tighter cockpit and longer rear end even though the wheelbases were nearly identical.

When my girlie arrived we headed off to the trails. I hiked my seat up and we shoved off. I was amazed that I was actually riding a bike that felt comfortable and normal in an XC riding position. We cruised the streets to the trails and I became more and more anxious to hit the dirt. When we finally arrived, once again the frame showed me it’s wide range of ability and impressed me with its comfortable trail running ability. I felt comfortable sitting and pedaling, and didn’t feel the need to stand to be properly situated in the cockpit. This being my first steel frame, I actually did notice a difference in the ride. It was a less harsh ride than my aluminum frame made for. Actually, now that I think about I noticed the same for riding the skate park too. I wasn’t left with achy ankles and wrists. We cruised the trails till it got dark. The sky got darker and my smile got bigger.

On the way back home, we decided to swing by the skate park since my ex really hadn’t had a change to check it out yet. I proceeded to do a few laps around the park, and found the 26/24 setup to be to my liking. Maybe I’m just more used to a tad higher front end and slightly slacker head angle, but at the same time enjoyed the benefits that came with the 24/24 setup in the skate park and while riding street. While pulling a few sad tabletops and manuals across stuff, I was really enjoying myself, and the ease of ride ability that the frame provided.

As long as it dries up here soon, I’ll give everyone an update on my second ride on the 24/24 setup in the skate park. I think I’m just still getting used to the bike, but I am loving the frame and all its qualities. The Endless Lifetime gets two thumbs up in my book!




The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
I want one more each day. If I wasn't such a nice guy, I might have to "loose" one in the shipping :D

I can't wait to see what mine rides like (best know I WILL have one).


Nov 14, 2001
Man I really like the looks of that bike! I know I will be looking into those frames in the future.

Very cool bike and great review.