Eric Carter Flow Riding Video


Nov 19, 2008
what kind of video is it supposed to be?
the music gave me mixed ideas about what kind of vid it was.
on a different note i liked the editing and transitions


May 4, 2005
its a video of me riding my mountain bike on a fun local trail, pieced together as if it is a continuous run,

i call it flow riding because i heard Hans Rey call all mountain trails with berms and small jumps flow riding.

the music is mellow and non over powering as its not a huck vid.


Feb 20, 2004
Alexandria, VA
If anyone ever asks what "All Mountain" is, you could show them your video as a definition. I think you've got good style and I can tell you really know those trails. You stick to them and rock very well with its contours.

The music suits it and it's a fairly compelling video to watch because you're a good rider. Some of the video could almost border on boring due to the amount of pedaling over uninteresting terrain but it's balanced out by the technical features.

It looks like a fun place to ride!


Jan 29, 2005
I did all the Video work and EC and I stayed up really late cutting that video together. EC did all the work I just watched over his shoulder.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 8, 2001
Rumson, NJ
The trail looks fun as hell and that should be the highlight of the vid.

I think getting some helmet/bike cam footage mixed with the footage from willem would make that clip a lot better. Also take out the slower climb/pedaling sections. Music seems to work with the FLOW riding.


May 4, 2005
thanks for all the feedback guys....Willem and I shot all the footage in 1 1/2 hr's, originally i had planned to just mess around with the editing program, but as i started getting through it we realized it was coming out good enough to post up.....

some of the clips have long run times but i'm not good enough yet to throw together quick clips....

i have to say that if someone else had filmed it the process would have taken a lot longer...Willem films with the edit in mind and it really speeds up the process.

helmet cams i agree are a must for stuff like this as the action isn't super aggressive.
Mar 10, 2005
Santa Cruz/Sacramento, Ca
Good job EC, Here is a link to my friends videos.If you need help he will be happy to work with you.

http://vimeo.com/videos/search:Andrew Waldron
I don't mean to veer off topic here, but I'd like to throw some suggestions towards your friend. I guess, anyways, these could help EC out too.

Not aiming to be negative, but:
-I feel as though his edits are, coincidentally, over edited. It takes A LOT away from your mountain bike movie when you're more concentrated on the flashy editing tricks than the riding itself.
-Doing loads of color tweaking and correction and then quickly switching to a shot that's over exposed and isn't color corrected doesn't work. This shows most in the fontana races.
-Try white balancing on something that's light to medium grey. Fool around. All of those fontana shots could've been exposed a bit less and tweaked for fuller colors.
-Find better spots to film. EC mentioned it. Keep the final project in mind. If you're going out and filming a trail, then film the trail, not just a bunch of shots of people on it.

Tame Ape

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Mar 4, 2003
its better then I could do, but here are my two bits...

1. I think people might have found to music to be a bit 'off' because its so mellow and the rider (you) have an aggressive cadence and riding style.

2. Much like the fish-eye lense, no slow-mo! I mean it! I'll beat you up and steal your keys! Slo-mo is only good for showcasing something technical that the viewer wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. Otherwise it is contrived and throws the pace off of the video.

3. Shorten the time between the cuts

4. Use a shorter song if the video is to short.

5. this is all IMO of course.:monkey:


Jan 17, 2008
Nice vid. I like that kind of riding. Just fun.

As far as the music goes. I know what i don't like, and thats not it.