ESPNFavre: New Channel Idea!


Rex Grossman Will Rise Again
Jul 4, 2002
Holy crap, Im going to make millions!

I just thought of this:

You know how, beyond regular ESPN, there is ESPN news and ESPN 2, also ESPNU just for college sports and ESPNDeportes just so mexicans can watch soccer?

Well why not an ESPN channel entirely devoted to the most basic minutea of this man's daily activities? We could get late breaking reports on what he had for breakfast or how many vicodin he slammed before heading in to practice every day. It would be great!
The reason I say this is, I just don't think the amount of coverage that all the other ESPN's are giving this guy is even near sufficient. For instance, I was just trying to catch a Cubs update before I left this morning, and I only got about 75% of my viewing time filled up with Favre trade rumors and fan protest footage. That's just unacceptable. I demand to see his haggard face on my screen at all times. It should be like the Truman show, with cameras trained on him at every second. They could just let the regular sports scores fly by too quickly to read on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Who needs to see highlights of other events in the sports world when we could be hearing about the relative corn content of his morning turd?


Turbo Monkey
Jul 22, 2002
Vestal, NY
Are you crazy? It's all any of those friggin channels talk about. And sports talk radio... it's JUST AS BAD. OMG I would kill myself with a farve channel. What a horrible idea...


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
ESPN sucks. I'll only watch and listen around football season. I want to here about the X's and O's and but you ever hear about is the soap opera crap.

Of course this time of year what else are they going to talk about? Baseball? :rofl:

N8 v2.0

Not the sharpest tool in the shed
Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
Reminds me of the time I wrote to Fox to see if they could have a DionCam video box on their football broadcasts just we could see Dion Sanders 100% of the time instead of the paultry 90% of the time...