European Vacation

Tech Ninja

Mar 13, 2003
so my buddy finally just got back from his 2 week european vacation, something that i haven't had a chance to do yet. since he has family in england, it's gonna be a yearly stint for him. so i have a year to plan mine since i'll be heading out there w/him next april. although he'll be there 2 weeks, more than likely i'll only be able to take a week off for this (we work in the same small office) so i'm looking to maximize my time there.

so we'll prolly start out in england. that's where his ex-wife and daughter are. his ex-wife's boyfriend is a roadie and mentioned doing a tour de france the next time he's out there. so we're looking at 2-3 days of just road riding in france. that leaves me maybe 4 days for the rest of europe. my friend wanted to spend more time in italy this time around, but i myself have never really had much of a desire. i was thinking either germany or denmark. denmark only if my wife can make it out there w/me since her parents are originally from there. or prague. or amsterdam :). anyway, i'd like to be able to fit in another epic ride, road or mtb, during the rest of my stay there. if any of you euromonkeys can suggest a good place to ride, i'm open for it.