Ever felt like helping out a disoriented Swedish guy? Here's your chance!


Jul 24, 2005
Okay, so I'm here as an exchange student from Sweden for a year, been half-time riding since i was ten (eight years ago), always FS and usually hillsprint/DH - now I've sold my frame and will be getting a new HT bike together this weekend. I'm thinking it will work out pretty nice with the new bike - try to start riding a little urban for a change.

Now - I'm in a small town in South East missouri. No-one I've met so far has ever heard about the word mountainbike, most people don't own bicycles at all. Adding that to the fact that I think it's gonna take me a while to get used to the new rig (haven't owned a hardtail since I got my first FS when I was ten)- I'm feeling like I'm gonna be pretty lost whenever I get to start riding the bike.

So, what I'm wondering about is - where do I look for races and assemblies around here? Is there any other riders in this area that would like to meet up sometime?


The human raccoon
Jan 31, 2003
Where are you at in SeMo? Dustin, the guy who runs Cyclewerx in Cape Girardeau used to ride street when he lived in Columbia.

Rampriders skatepark is a fun place to ride in StL.

There is a dual slalom course in Columbia.

None of those places are very close to you, but that is what I know.