evil revolt MIA


May 2, 2008
this was just posted in the DH forum:

Hi everyone,

for those of you who remember reading about a guy who was getting a revolt from his fiance, well thats me, but i have some bad news (and yes i'm still getting married). Turns out after a long wait, the bike has somehow gone missing after being sent out by the LBC. I'm sure there's a stolen bike thread somewhere here, but i figured you all would be helpful at the least. The bike shop (which i don't hold accountable) is in So. Cal (close to San Diego) and below is a brief spec should you see someone riding it - you'll know who it really belongs to. i'll be getting another one through the shop, pretty much the same, and should have it in time to ride up to the altar. Hope you guys are having fun on yours.

black med. revolt
white 2010 fox 40
white twenty6 F1 stem
white deity 30 bars
black ODI ruffians
all black mavic 823s w/ hadleys
black saints
white lg1 chainguide
black straitline pedals
black thomson post
black wtb silverado team seat
2.5 minion f's front/back


Jun 19, 2009
Hey irilius -- ouch man! I imagine you're still paying for the replacement? Any discounts for your loss?

I'd also like to suggest, while small in membership at the moment, putting out a KarmaAlert on KarmaArmy.com. You can upload a photo and link to a gallery of pix, serial #, description, contact info. Then use the link generated to tweet, facebook and forum the hell out of it. Getting the word out is half the battle.

It's also a good place to store all your gear's serial#'s, photos, etc.

Good luck - congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Sounds like you're on the right single-track!


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
Irilius - was there tracking info with the shipment of your Revolt from the LBC to your home? If so, which service did the LBC use? Did you check with this delivery service using your tracking info?

As others have said - something is off here...