EVOLVE - a documentary about hope and achievement


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Feb 5, 2006
not in Whistler anymore :/
We had a very exiting year 2012. While releasing various video series like the RideAble trail building series, the Enduro Bike Testing series and the Food Faces & Places to Ride road trip, we also teamed up with Scott 11. This partnership lead us to our biggest project ever: our very first bike movie!
Compared to the already high quality of our video series the movie will even be more far ahead in excellence. High quality production, modern editing tools and specially composed music will make it a splendid movie, topped only by it's story.
EVOLVE is an intimate team portrait about hope, setbacks and success.
Follow Brendan Fairclough, Floriane Pugin, Emelie Siegenthalter and Noel Niederberger as they race the DH Worldcup season of 2012.